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What Is a Public Program, Anyway?

As we began our research into library programming skills, we realized that programs are a lot like art. That is, we knew it when we saw it – but we had a hard time articulating a definition that everybody agreed on.

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A colorfully illustrated scene in a public library showing various groups of people engaged in different activities, such as reading, studying, socializing, and working at computers. Shelves filled with books line the walls, and a clock is visible in the background.

Kicking off NILPPA in 2017: $500,000 IMLS research grant will strengthen library public programming across the nation

IMLS has awarded a $512,000 research grant to the American Library Association (ALA) that will enable libraries across the country to understand the value of their public programming and the skills needed to achieve excellence in this work. The funding supports research into the characteristics, audiences, outcomes, and impact of library public programming, which has become a core library service.

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