Brief info

Adrianne runs the Nenana Public Library with a few volunteers. She trains, writes grants, and runs programs. Adrianne took over the Nenana Public Library in 2018 when the city of Nenana said they could not fund the library. Adrianne has been writing grants to keep the library operational for the small city and its community. She has been running story time and summer reading programs and has recently received a large grant for non-profit coronavirus relief to provide her community with arts and crafts. She also received a grant for an afterschool STEM project for girls. Adrianne enjoys science, reading, doing puzzles, arts and crafts, and being creative with woodburning. She has a couple of non-fiction children’s picture books in the making, which are almost ready to go to the publishers. Adrianne is mother of two adult boys and has three beautiful grandchildren and a husband with whom she runs an auto mechanic shop. She graduated with a BA in a general studies interdisciplinary program, which includes a minor in elementary education. She did this while raising her two boys. Adrianne has Facebook and has done a few YouTube videos teaching children STEM projects.