Partnering for Stronger Programming:
A Toolkit for Libraries

Why work with a partner? Because together, we make a greater impact!

Consider the big-picture goals of library programming — helping to create communities that are connected, knowledgeable, creative, civically engaged, healthy, economically vital, welcoming, joyful and caring (or all of the above!). How can libraries reach these goals and add value to their work through partnerships?

Partnering for Stronger Programming: A Toolkit for Libraries provides five tools for library workers with actionable steps to help partnerships grow sustainably, meet goals, expand organizational capacity, thoughtfully engage with partner audiences, and more. The five different tools can be used individually or in combination.

A graphic of two stylized figures sitting at a table, one orange and one blue, with an orange gear symbol hovering above them. The orange figure is on the left, and the blue figure is on the right, suggesting collaboration or discussion.
A blue circular graphic with three inward-pointing arrows converging on an orange circle in the center containing a white checkmark. The blue circle also has three curved lines suggesting motion towards the center.
A simplified icon depicting an orange figure climbing blue stairs towards a blue flag at the top, symbolizing progress, achievement, and goal attainment.

Tool 1: Determining Goals: Why Do We Work Together?

Tool 2: What Work Can We Do Together?

Tool 3: What Do We Each Bring to the Table?

Tool 4: How Do We Work Together?

Tool 5: What Does a Successful Partnership Look Like?

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Toolkit Resource List

The following resources can be used to supplement the toolkit: